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Everything for sport

We already know your needs, you don't have to explain everything to another nerd who doesn't understand you 🤓

simple & intuitive tools

Scared of the next complicated tool? Take it easy, probably you will get everything in no time 👌​

save time & money

Automate your processes and take advantage of our great software in daily work 😎

The best know-how

You will benefit other clubs experience & knowledge. It can help you to level up your organisation 💪


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Club & Team

Sports coach tactic board and football ball

Academy & Camp

Cup, trophy for the best team of league or tournament

League & Cup

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Our Services

💻 Websites

Focused on sponsors

Deliver your partners the best possible visibility in digital media

Mobile-first The best Ux / UI

Perfect looking, modern design, works as PWA (Progressive Web App)

Easy to manage

Don't waste your time and deliver content as quick as possible

Dedicated games module

Just provide result of the game and Sportigio will do the rest (Standings & stats)

Screenshot of Sports Team Website
Mobile app screenshots, presenting sports team app and management system

📱 Mobile Apps

Engage your fans

Be closer to your fans like never before, send them push notifications & keep them updated

Modern design = great impression

It is visible that your organisation is so professional when you show to the world app like this!

Integrated With Website

Put the content in one Admin Panel and it will be visible immediately on website & mobile app

Extremely Quick Implementation

Thanks to our white-label solution it will take only from few days to few weeks to publish your app

👨‍💼 Management Apps

Members Database

Always real-time data about your members stored in one secure place

Effective communication

It's so easy to send a message and inform about everything your members

Track Payments

Your members will never forget about any payment and you will see it's statuses

Schedule & Track Events

Easy to use powerful calendar will help you to keep track on upcoming events

Admin panel of clubs website or app - with sport game images and admin software

💡Consulting & Other Services

Minor IT Services

Struggling any problem 😓? We are here to help you with all possible IT issues 🤚​ (like listed below)

  • Social Media Advises
  • SSL Protection (Https)
  • E-mail address setup
  • Updates on your existing website

Digital Marketing

Exploit all the opportunities that internet gives us today ✊

we can provide a dedicated project

If you have more needs, we can provide a dedicated project from scratch for you 🏆

Our Products



Virtual office

Social Media Automation

Mobile app

Business ZONE

FAN Zone

Logotyoe, purple shield of Sports Club
Cup, trophy for the best team of league or tournament




Standings & stats

Mobile app

Live Scoring





Learning platform

Mobile app



Sports referee draw, raising two hands

Meet Sportigio's Human Face

Mariusz - sportigio co-founder face rounded photo

Mariusz Zwierzychowski


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Marcin Zwierzychowski


We are sport & technology madcaps so we decided to provide high-quality services for the Sport industry 🏆.

Sport needs a lot of  innovations that we want to serve! We want everybody to exploit the opportunities that new technologies give us 🌐.

For sure fresh mindset, great communication & support, understanding of your problems and tons of creativity💡. We always have many ideas!


We offer Software As A Service (SaaS) and charge you month by month. Prices for website & system for a club start from €25 / month.

You choose modules that are necessary for you and pay only for these that you really use. The price depends on number of modules that you choose.

We always offer FREE TEST PERIOD (2 weeks) without any obligation.

If you want to pay one-time fee and smaller maintenance fee it is also possible. 

Customized solutions are quoted on-demand.

Yes, of course. You can use only basic modules and find it suitable for your need.

SmartGame is your solution then and we will implement one website & app for your Organisation that will include all the leagues as separated spaces.

If you get our white-label solution, we will customize website & app to your brand and it can take less than 1 week!

On-demands projects with many modules usually take few months.

We work in Agile so we show you the product on many stages so you can test it out and give us your feedback so we are always on the same page.

You can still use your current website if you are satisfied. We will implement Mobile App separately with an Admin Panel or we can get content from your website (if it is WordPress it shouldn’t be a problem).

We can fix all the problems, just tell us and we will help. We can improve only fragments of your website. 

It’s common that a league requires form Clubs particular look of the website (include League’s sponsor) and use official Standings/statistics. It can safe your time, of course we will help with that and implement everything to your website & app.

We already know your needs :). If you hire digital agency, you need to tell them about all your needs, they will probably ask a lot of questions and maybe after they finish, you will have to change almost everything. We know these stories :(.

In Sportigio we know how sport organisation works so we will not attack you with tons of basic questions. What is more, we will probably suggest you how to improve and perform even better in digital world.

Of course Facebook is great tool, but aren’t you overwhelmed when scrolling it? It is easy to loose focus. Our solutions are customized to sport, Facebook is for everything, so they don’t give you everything.

What is more, using Sportigio you can easily integrate website, app & social media (Facebook, Twitter), so you put content only once and share it everywhere. Nothing easier :).

If you haven’t found answer to your question, don’t hesitate to Write to us

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