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How your club will benefit?

New level of sport IT

We already know your needs, you don't have to explain everything to another nerd who doesn't understand you 🤓

It's easy & intuitive

Scared of the next complicated tool? Take it easy, probably you will get everything in no time 👌​

Save Time & Money

Automate your processes and take advantage of our great software in daily work 😎

the best know how

You will benefit other clubs experience & knowledge. It can help you to level up your organisation 💪


Modern responsive website with great intuitive Content Management System. Our Panel & Website consist of:

You can add in no time all updates like news, articles, photo galleries, videos.

 Homepage of website with camera image

Ask your fans about everything and increase their engagement

Online voting, survey for sport fans

Sponsors satisfaction – you can manage your sponsors in very easy way, present their logotypes as you wish

Sponsors list on the website

It’s easier than before to put all information about your games, publish schedule, generate standings

Schedule and results of sports games

Intuitive settings allow you to adjust the website to your needs – logo, colors, menu – you always control it

Menu settings in Sportigio system

Online Office

Sports Club & Team Management App.

The System gives you the most important functionalities to manage your team, with following functionalities:

Divided into groups with assigned roles, easy data management

Sports player online profile in Sportigio App

Send messages to all or particular users, also automated e-mails

Message to sports club members in Sportigio system

Collect data about your Payments, track the statuses of each one

Payments list on Sportigio system

Save a lot of time, store all files and open whenever & wherever you want

List of files uploaded in Sportigio system

Easy & effective tool to create schedule & plan your training, games, meetings.

Calendar with scheduled events in Sportigio System

📣 How does it work?

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Easy & secure Registration

Just provide your e-mail & club's name to start process of creating your website wiith our Creator.

Free Exploration of the system

Check out all the functionalities, with no commitments and with full support. You can choose paid plan later.

Adjust the plan & start

Choose the functionalities that you like and want to use according to chosen plan. - it can be always free.

😷 COVID-19: Keep Your club Strong! 💪

Save money

We decided to let your club access the system without any commitments and costs

Use your time wisely

As we all see - Internet is very important. Level up your club in digital

Take the advantage

You can focus on digital transformation now and benefit from it in the future

👔 Your benefits on start

Man sitting on coins, saving money

Create your own system

We are working on the new functionalities. You can impact it, thanks to giving as a feedback. We will build a great workspace together.

Help during hard time for sport

We will not charge you for using the core of the system until your club will come back to regular work.

Grow with the best Clubs

You can be the member of SmartClub Community - the clubs, don't waiting for a miracle, ready to work durign hard time. We can share the experience and build the best practices!

Available plans


Core functionalities
  • Full access to the System (Web + Online Office)
  • Online support
  • Being a part of SmartClub community
  • Impact on new functionalities
  • Free 14 days for using Premium Features
  • Our ads (very little, don't worry)

SmartClub PRO

If You need a bit more
19 per month
  • All SmartClub features
  • Your own domain
  • No ads
  • Dedicated support
  • Increased storage and e-mails limits
  • New features priority

PREMIUM Services

On demand
  • Fully customised System
  • Premium 24h support
  • Your own Mobile App
  • CRM & Project Management
  • Business Zone for your sponsors
  • Fan Zone & Membership

Vision of SmartClub

Sportigio SmartClub is a comprehensive solution to let sports club perform well in the Internet. Each club can choose modules or functionalities:



Social Media Automation

Mobile App

Business Zone

Fan Zone

Logotyoe, purple shield of Sports Club

How Can you Grow with Smartclub?

New incomes

You can impress your sponsors, showing to them your online Business Zone.
💡You can offer them great digital advertisement with SmartClub

Save Time & Resources

You can do more, while spending less time, effort and resources on that.
👉 We integrate important actions, making all the activities intuitive and fast.

Engage your Fans

You can know more about your fan and keep him engaged.
👉 We will help you to integrate fans with your team and sponsors!


  • Registration is always free
  • You can use all the features
  • You choose your address:

Depends on the number of clubs in the system, we will set the limits for Users accounts and files, images storage, number of sent e-mails. You will be always informed about it.

When You decide to try paid plan:

If you don’t like the system you can simply stop using it or come back to Free Plan – there is no commitment.

From small teams to big clubs & academies with many members. It is flexible, we can meet all needs.

We don’t hide anything 🙂

We are currently developing the system so we want to get as many teams as possible to help us with testing & to get know your specific requirements.

If you join us at this stage you can get professional IT support & development in really good price.

We still develop our system, so we will add new functionalities or adjust existing features soon. We are open on your feedback in order to adjust the system to your needs.

We can also conduct a dedicated project for any club. Just contact us.

Groups on Facebook became very popular way of communication, but it is worth to level it up with the professional system like SmartClub.

Thanks to that your work look more professional to everyone.  you can also avoid the “danger” of Facebook like overwhelming notifications, advertisements or movies with funny cats.

If you haven’t found answer to your question, don’t hesitate to Write to us

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