Top Five Must Have’s for Small Sports Clubs

You are a sports club and you are wondering what you should focus on in order to increase your sales, have followers, and loyal fans? We had to make some tough calls on what knowledge and skills you must focus on in order to achieve this goal. Here are what we think will help you best.


You need to have a winning strategy. No, we are not talking about winning every game or most of your games. We are talking about your visibility strategy. This is about who your audience is? Who are your fans? What platforms do they use? How do you communicate with them? Do you regularly update them? Are you sending a clear and consistent message at all times? Are you transparent? 

CSR activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about helping society, giving back to it. One of the clubs that has a great CSR strategy is the New York Yankees. They have a whole page on their website dedicated to how they are involved in the community. Another one is the NBA’s initiative: NBA Cares where they are involved in various communities and therefore reach more people. Both organizations focus on their community and try to reach as many people in need as possible.  Why is CSR important? It is about being engaged with those in need and about self-satisfaction. Many people are satisfied with their lives when they help others and expect nothing in return. It also is an eye-opening exercise for many because they encounter problems and become part of the solution. It also helps team building and building trust among members.  

 Mindset  & Attitude

In the sports industry, just like in any other industry, it is known that people must have a great attitude and mindset. This means that despite and in spite of failures, you rise up and achieve your goals. It implies that your employees and team members are resilient, flexible, and resourceful. If you have members who lack the ‘right’ attitude, you can easily teach it to them by doing fun group activities, such as camping in the woods or a bootcamp weekend. A side benefit to such activities  is that colleagues get to know each other and they begin to be more open toward each other which aids internal communication processes.

Scheduling & Calendar

The importance of scheduling your activities is that your employees have the time to do everything: from their work tasks to their family obligations. By keeping a calendar of their must-attend activities, they will  make sure they will be almost always present when needed. It also reduces uncertainty when you, as an employer, may not know who is going to a corporate event.

Choose your platforms carefully

Choosing your platforms carefully entails that you know on which platform to post what. For example, on Instagram, you can only engage your fans with short posts such as a photo or a few seconds video. On Facebook, you could upload all kinds of posts whereas on Youtube, it would perhaps be best to post a video of several minutes to a few hours. Best friend in determining your options for platform is this blog:

In conclusion, you must be able to show interest, inspire, and engage with your fans, employees, sponsors, and even with your competitors. 

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