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SmartClub revealed – digital (r)evolution in sports clubs?

The end of March is a very important time for Sportigio Solutions. We are launching our new flagship product – SmartClub service – a package of sport services and software for clubs. It will enable to make full potential of the newest technologies in a sports club or academy. The registration is for free.

2020 – time for sport club of the future

About the need in the process of digitalisation we mentioned already before. We announced there ongoing work on SmartClub service. You can find there description of particular elements we are going to develop further. 

I stage – Foundations of an e-club

Now we are presenting to you the first results – webpage and online sport club office. It’s a very basic of our system. However the discipline, number of teams and players, every club or academy can use it. 

As you can see, the registration is not complicated. After accomplishing it and confirming your email, you get the access to your webpage and online office in one, clear panel. From that moment you can enjoy a 14- day-long trial period and have unlimited access to our services and support, without any payments or obligations. 

Online Office – management system of a sports club

Relocation of the club office to the online world is a necessary step for every club which takes care of online activities and comfort of a day work. Wherever you are, you can work remotely with the access to the Internet.

Team management app working - user payments management flow
Online Office sample – manage user’s payments (Polish version)

Online Office is everything what is needed for managing background processes in a club effectively. The list of facilities will be updated gradually – for now you can use the following:

  • A list of users and group – you bring in there any information from stationary notebooks and folders. Easy access to your data simplify a lot of processes. 
  • Communication – the board and trainers publish internal announcements and statements for everyone or chosen groups – additionally, they can send those messages via email (and soon as a notification in mobile applications).
  • Payments – lists of payments, descriptions, sum ups and changes of status.
  • Calendar – an useful tool for planning trainings, meetings and other events.
  • Documentation overflow – possibility of placing your files which are helpful for work of the club.

📁 Full documentation of SmartClub is here


It is not a rocket science that having a webpage is necessary – and clubs know it well. However, not each of them runs it on an efficient level. The reason for this might be that often actualisation of data is complicated. Our system is adjusted to sport, and the interface is very intuitive.  

Man going with a computer's monitor to the trash
You will avoid such situation with our admin panel 🙂

Interface is easy to adjust – after uploading your logo and colour scheme – the webpage is generated automatically and you just need to add content. Moreover, you manage the layout of the menu by your own what should be displayed as interesting for your fans. 

Screenshots of the website for sports team
Website created with SmartClub is mobile-friendly

Take advantage on the break in game and save money

Although the pandemic of coronavirus is not the best time for sport, the club does not need to stand by and wait for the progress of the situation. One of the biggest obstacles in implementing an IT system is… a lack of time in workload. Thus it is worth investing your time and put it into development of the club in the network. 

Additionally, if the club registers until the 5th of April, it will be able to receive a special price offer after finishing the trial period. For every month of using webpage or online office, the club will spend 50% less, so only 49 PLN.

Next phases still in 2020

Still in 2020 we are going to implement most of the functions of the SmartClub services. Our goal is to evolve, or even revolutionise, in the possibilities of clubs’ activities online. We are going to focus mainly on integration and innovative solutions on a Fan-Club-Partner framework.

Learn more about Sportigio

It’s better to get familiar with our so far available solutions. Other facilities are going to be created in consultation with clubs which decided to cooperate with us. Therefore you can see that you can have an impact on possible solutions for real. And you are going to use it proudly for the following years.

UPDATE! SmartClub is available for free

If you manage to finish this article – it’s a piece of good news here – we’ve decided to give Free Plan for every sports club, which wants to register. We hope it may help your clubs and academies in this difficult situation.

Hand giving a prize from the laptop frame

You can still order Pro or Premium version, however, all the necessary functionalities are included in the free package. The paid package is something extra, what your clubs should get as soon as You will be ready for that!

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