Maintaining Customer Relationships in Crises

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to managing the organization’s interaction with its current and potential clients. 

It uses data analysis about the relations of the customer and the company to improve the business relationships.

By analyzing the relationships, the organization can learn from past mistakes and work on improving these relationships. The main focus is on customer retention which if done correctly increases the sales.   The main driver of CRM is the communication between the customer and the organization. 

In order to be successful into communicating properly with your customers, you need the following:

Be honest and open

By being honest and open about what is going on, the customers will see that you are taking responsibility for your actions. This increases your credibility as an organization.

It also shows your willingness to be transparent with your clients which also increases your credibility in your clients’ and fans’ eyes. 

Clearly Communicate

By communicating clearly, you are reaching out to all your clients and fans. The best way to achieve this is to use simple language and to give explanations, wherever necessary, so your fans and clients know where you stand and what you aim to achieve. 

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Update regularly

When you update regularly, it makes you be perceived as honest, open, transparent, and willing to improve your standing. This will make your fans and clients even more loyal to you. 

New York Giants have done two things: they communicate clearly and they have already informed their fans on the schedule. Don’t believe it? Check out their social media pages!

Make sure to send out the same message on your online channels

The message you send out to the world must be aligned with your values and goals. By sending consistent messages, you contribute to people seeing you in one particular way.

This reduces the misinterpretation the public may have about your intentions.

Manchester City sends the same message across their online channels. They make sure that their content is consistent. Check out their social media. (It is amazing!)

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CRM is also about your employees

Your employees are the first contract of the organization. They determine the quality of service that your clients, or in this case, fans and sponsors will receive.

Therefore, it is essential to involve them in every step of the process. They must also know what is going on at higher levels in the organization and must be able to update you openly and regularly about what is going on with your clients. This will help you strategize better. 

After the Crisis

Now, that the various stakeholders are used to being kept in the loop during the Covid 19 crisis, it it essential to continue maintaining a similar communication frequency as you have established during the time period. Your fans, employees, and sponsors would be glad to know what your plans are.

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